Microsoft, ConsenSys and EY Create Enterprise Protocol for …

Microsoft, ConsenSys, and EY Build Enterprise Protocol for DeFi Services in Ethereum Ecosystem

Ethereum studio ConsenSys and audit firm EY joined cooperation for launch of the corporate project Baseline Protocol. Him supported by 12 companies and organizations in Tom including Microsoft, AMD, Chainlink and MakerDAO. About this writes The block.

Baseline Protocol will enable corporate users access services in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi) on blockchain Ethereum without the need to disclose their private data.

Microsoft, ConsenSys and EY Create Enterprise Protocol for ...

ConsenSys explains that systems like ERP and CRM are struggling at data synchronization with their counterparts. Potential decision this problem is an blockchain, but many companies do not want to take the risk of disclosing business secrets to other participants networkspossible competitors.

Baseline Protocol will allow isolate data from the rest of the system participants, which under certain circumstances such data may be provided. For of this developers engage digital signatures, zero knowledge proof algorithm and other technologies. Thus, various commands will receive access to the information required at the current stage of work, but all other information will be from they are hidden.

Microsoft, ConsenSys and EY Create Enterprise Protocol for ...

The ultimate goal of the project is to raise quality products from enterprise systems providers, custom solution developers, and cloud providers. Code will be made public for universal use through the non-profit standards organization OASIS.

TO present moment work was completed by three quarters. Core Convergence, Duke University, Envision Blockchain, Neocava Splunk, HniBright, Provide and W3BCLOUD are also involved in the project..