Nokia has entered into an agreement with a blockchain platform to monetize …

Nokia signed an agreement with blockchain platform to monetize data Streamr

Blockchain platform Streamr has entered into an agreement with the Finnish company Nokia and the Californian software maker OSIsoft to provide mobile operators with possibility monetize their personal data and shopping, writes CoinDesk.

Streamr CEO Henri Pikala announced deals on Wednesday on conferences Consensus 2018 and there the same fulfilled launch market data through which users may provide and subscribe to live generated data streams time.

Pikala stated: “Today is a significant day in the history of Streamr, and not only because we are showing our platform live at the Consensus conference, but and thanks to the announcement of two excellent partnerships “.

Nokia has entered into an agreement with a blockchain platform to monetize ...

Partnership with Nokia will integrate KUHA stations into the Streamr data market, allowing Nokia customers to monetize their data and buy IoT device streams.

“We see how among users mobile devices appear everything more people who want to manage by their data and monetize their, Said Martti Ilikoski, Nokia’s lead radio systems development officer. – Our partnership with Streamr reflects our faith in this platform “.

System participants will be able to sell and buy data streams generated in real time using smart contracts Ethereum. Transactions will be carried out at ERC-20 assistance token under named DATACoin.

Partnership with OSIsoft will enable corporate clients company make money on your operational data.

In early May, Streamr announced another partnership – with Hewlett Packard Enterprise – under whom its Streamr Engine tool (is he intended for data aggregation and analysis) will be be used for collecting data streams of Audi Q2 car.