OneCoin crypto pyramid investors accuse BNY Mellon of …

OneCoin Crypto Pyramid Investors Accuse BNY Mellon Bank Of Aiding Money Laundering

Investors cryptocurrency OneCoin Pyramids Claim BNY Mellon Bank Played “Central Role” In $ 4 Billion Scam. By their words, the bank chose to ignore laundering through him bills $ 300 million. On this the participants in the class action expect to recover compensation from him.

The total amount of the plaintiffs’ investments in OneCoin was about $ 1 million. They are claim that BNY Mellon made payments in May 2016 for OneCoin and even called client a likely pyramid scheme in the course of an internal investigation initiated in December Togo the same of the year. Topics however, the bank did not report its suspicions of Network to Combat Financial Crimes (FinCEN) until February 2017 of the year.

OneCoin crypto pyramid investors accuse BNY Mellon of ...

“Accordingly, BNY Mellon knowingly participated in or was complicit in the laundering of OneCoin’s criminal proceeds,” the statement said..

OneCoin crypto pyramid investors accuse BNY Mellon of ...

Plaintiffs accused BNY Mellon one episode of aiding fraud and one episode of commercial unfairness.

BNY Mellon earlier stated, what with the whole takes seriously his role in maintaining the integrity of the global financial system “, but legally not can comment on individual appeals to FinCEN.

In several days before of this FinCEN files got into the network, which among other things contains information on the interaction of OneCoin with BNY Mellon.

Silver Miller law firm founder David Silver talks to CoinDesk stated, what FinCEN files indicate Tom, what BNY Mellon could and should was to accept measures much earlier, because he knew about the extreme doubtfulness transactions your client.