Over $ 500 Million Staked Ethereum 2.0 The Day Before …

Over $ 500 Million Staked Ethereum 2.0 The Day Before Phase Zero Launch

Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract continues to collect staker assets in anticipation of the start of the zero phase of the update cryptocurrencies.

At the time of publication, the contract contains 852,992 ETH or $ 501 million at the rate of $ 587.59 per ETH. Current volume of deposits more than 60% higher than the minimum threshold, which users managed to reach Last tuesday. Zero block will accept only 524 000 ETH, and the rest assets stakers will be introduced gradually over several eras.

“This is a fantastic demonstration of the confidence of the Ethereum community,” the researcher told The Block. Ethereum Foundation Justin Drake. – I am proud of the thousands of ethers who found necessary to fix their funds for long months for securing security Eth2 “.

Withdraw funds of Eth2 will be available only with the start of phase 1.5, which is not expected to come until 2022 of the year. Zero phase starts tomorrow at 15:00 Moscow time. It consists in starting a beacon chain or signal chain, which will become the central element new systems.

Over $ 500M Staked Ethereum 2.0 The Day Before ...

it huge achievement in 80 years of computer science, which instills Confidence in Ethereum Progress and Technology blockchain, done by them over the decade to date. I wonder what they cook for us for the next 10 years, “said developer Afri Shedon.

Ethereum 2.0 launch begins after five years of planning and more than two years of development. Drake noted, that in the long term the volume of staking assets should increase by at least 10 times to network was reliably protected.