Over a million GöETH was deposited into the final deposit contract …

Over a million GöETH was deposited into the final testnet Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract

Medalla’s testnet deposit contract has collected more one million GöETH less than a week after his launch, indicating active interest of system participants in testing.

Medalla Testnet was launched on 4 August. A key condition for of this was the presence of 16 385 validators, each of which had to make a security deposit for obtaining the corresponding rights in 32 ETH or Total 524 320 ETH. The validators successfully completed the task up to planned launch dates.

Medalla is an the final version of the testnet before the start of phase zero Ethereum 2.0 and the first testnet network Ethereum 2.0 targeting the mass user. Previously Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin stated that, if during the testing phase will be major issues identified, Ethereum 2.0 can start in November. So far, the developers are satisfied with the test results, although they admit that there are some difficulties at the start..

“Teams clients hurry convey before users updates in the last minute, and many validators were not ready on the stage of the release of the zero block, which led to an unsatisfactory level of their participation, “wrote Prysmatic Labs developer Terence Cao.

Subsequently is he stated, that Medalla was “a great experience that delight hundreds of people with regards to Eth 2 and contributed to attracting new people “.

Topics time, on the main network Ethereum a new record for the number of addresses was registered, containing at least 0.1 ETH. According to Glassnode, yesterday their number exceeded 3.2 million.

Over a million GöETH was deposited into the final deposit contract ...

Ether at this continues to bargain slightly below $ 400, demonstrating relative stability throughout the last days.