Plaintiffs Accused BitMEX Of Withdrawing $ 440 Million After Notice Of …

Plaintiffs Accused BitMEX Of Withdrawing $ 440 Million After Notification Of US Investigation

HDR Global, the operator of exchanges BitMEX crypto derivatives in spring was civil manipulation lawsuit filed the market and laundering of money. On October 30, the plaintiffs filed additional documents in which stated, that her leadership adopted measures for withdrawal of large sums, after Togo how learned about the ongoing investigation and prepared by the US authorities accusation. About it writes The block.

“Being well aware of the Commission’s investigation trade commodity futures (CFTC) and Department of Justice (DOJ) and imminent civil and criminal charges while preparing to hide from the authorities USA, defendants Arthur Hayes, Ben Deal and Samuel Reid seized about $ 440,308,400 in proceeds from various criminal activities occurring on the BitMEX platform “, – the document says.

According to the plaintiffs, the distribution of proceeds of crime was carried out on October 15, 19 November 2019 and January 2020, when the defendants received information about the ongoing investigation against them.

“Defendants actively and deliberately extracted these funds of HDR to do their confiscation in the course of further judicial proceedings is impossible. Distribution $ 440,308,400 Total in three months was clearly done outside of the standard HDR business because this corresponds annual distribution of profits of $ 1,761,233,600. HDR simply doesn’t make that kind of money, “add the plaintiffs.

After primary filing lawsuit in May, HDR reported that will be “actively defend from false statements “.

Plaintiffs Accused BitMEX Of Withdrawing $ 440 Million After Notice Of ...