Research: Google and Goldman Sachs among the most active …

Research: Google and Goldman Sachs among the most active blockchain investors

Research company CB Insights, which collects and analyzes various indicators of financial markets, published a massive report on investment trends in the blockchain space.

The company concluded that the number of corporate investors in the blockchain space in this year reached a record value: Total CB Insights counts 91 companies that have invested in blockchain startups, slightly less, than number of venture investors – 95.

Most active corporate investor is an Japanese financial corporation SBI Holdings. It has a stake in eight blockchain-companies, in Tom including in the banking consortium R3, as well as exchanges cryptocurrencies Kraken and BitFlyer.

It is followed by Google, which has a stake in six blockchain projects, including the storage system Storj, an enterprise service provider LedgerX, a financial decisions Ripple and Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet Developer.

Third line takes, 4th and 5th – Citi and Goldman Sachs respectively. Both bank invested in Digital Asset Holdings, manages which former top-JPMorgan Chase Manager Blythe Masters.

“Large banks and financial services became the first corporate players to massively invest in blockchain directly, which is not surprising given the popularity of reached underlying bitcoin technology among financial services “, – writes CB Insights in the report.

Together with themes analysts celebrate low reliability of such offers. Out of 103 blockchain companies, received initial financing in 2013 and 2014, only 28 managed attract additional investment. For comparisons, of 1,098 US tech companies that received funding in 2008-2010, 46% have re-investment rounds.

Research: Google and Goldman Sachs among the most active ...