Roger’s Vera implementation continues to dominate ahead of …

Roger Vera’s implementation continues to dominate ahead of the Bitcoin Cash fork

63% of the last thousand blocks in blockchain Bitcoin Cash It was released using Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) software. This speaks to the persistence of discord in the community. cryptocurrencies and a high probability of its split on two in November fork time.

Roger's Vera implementation continues to dominate ahead of ...

According to Coin Dance, about 82% of Bitcoin Cash hash rate in the present time signals in support BCHN. Share BCHN grows thanks to recent pooling and Antpool. Besides Togo, over 700 of 1,262 Bitcoin Cash nodes support BCHN. 516 nodes use Bitcoin ABC, a historically leading implementation of developer Amory Sechet.

In early September, Roger Ver confirmed information about Tom, what is it with his chain “forks“. Sechet insists that she will him implementation, and the real state of affairs will become clear only after fork.

The scheduled renewal networks Bitcoin Cash. This day Bitcoin ABC activates the rule, according to which 8% rewards per blocks will be be transferred to the cryptocurrency development fund. Ver with supporters this rule doesn’t support.

Roger's Vera implementation continues to dominate ahead of ...

The CoinEx exchange on September 24 announced the launch of futures on markets Bitcoin ABC (BCHA) and BCHN, thus confirming community expectations of a possible split.

Checks in conversation with Cointelegraph stated, what is BCHN have to constantly maintain leadership in terms of computing power to continue to exist after fork: “BCHN will accept ABC blocks, but not vice versa. This means that a fork will happen if BCHN will be more hashes, than at ABC, but not vice versa. If at some point the BCH chain will become longer than the BCHN chain, the BCHN chain will be rejected “.