Segwit2x Bitcoin hard fork date setDevelopers standing …

Segwit2x bitcoin hard fork date set

Developers standing per The controversial plan to increase the bandwidth of the Bitcoin blockchain Segwit2x, called the date of the hard fork. About this writes CoinDesk with link to a yet unpublished post from the Segwit2x team. Developers are counting on miners to launch new software security on block 494.784, which the must be mined in November of this of the year.

No public statement has been made yet It was, but, the corresponding post is expected will appear on the developer blog today.

CoinDesk leads part of the message text: “During November 2017, approximately 90 days after activation Segregated Witnesses on the blockchain bitcoin miners will release a block of size from 1MB to 2MB for increased network bandwidth. It is expected that by this time more than 90% of the computing power involved in securing the bitcoin network will start taking part in the release of large blocks “.

If Segwit2x will be implemented, then is he will be the second hard fork to occur on the bitcoin blockchain in 2017. As a result can to appear yet one version of bitcoin with its own blockchain and new cryptocurrency.

Segwit2x Bitcoin hard fork date setDevelopers standing ...

Bitcoin Cash, arisen as a result of a hard fork on August 1st, now traded on level above $ 300.

Segwit2x was announced in May. The project was supported by more 50 startups, miners and developers. The project is being developed under the leadership of Digital Currency Group.

A small part of bitcoin mining power went to the network Bitcoin Cash. What part of the capacity of both networks decides to support Segwit2x is still unknown. At first, already there is a blockchain with large blocks. Secondly, after implementation of Segwit in the bitcoin blockchain many commentators stated, that increasing block sizes are no longer is an effective decision for increase productivity.