Snowden: NSA Monitors Bitcoin Users National …

Snowden: NSA monitors Bitcoin users

National Security Agency USA monitors activities in blockchain bitcoin to identify users cryptocurrencies. About it writes The Intercept, which received a set of documents from former NSA employee Edward Snowden, according to which monitoring transactions using bitcoin is one of the main priorities of the agency.

Snowden: NSA Monitors Bitcoin Users National ...

They also state that the NSA’s work in this direction can not limited to blockchain analysis and include detection users of cryptocurrency.

In the published document indicated that the NSA began to more often collect passwords of bitcoin users, data on their Internet activity and identity of their devices.

According to the report, the NSA is monitoring per Bitcoin users since 2013 through a program codenamed OAKSTAR, as well as the MONKEYROCKET program, which is an the OAKSTAR project. Collected for these the years data may let NSA accurately identify participants in cryptocurrency transactions.

“Analysts at SSG11 find the MONKEYROCKET program valuable because it helps to identify the senders and recipients of bitcoin “, – the document says.

Snowden: NSA Monitors Bitcoin Users National ...

NSA can use XKeyScore, a powerful system, to obtain information about Bitcoin users for monitoring activity on the internet, which has become known in 2013 when Snowden disclosed information about NSA surveillance.

The document states that the information collected by the Agency is stored in the “Provider user full.csv” file, and are given identification details temporary marks and Internet addresses of users in order to determine their location.