SpaceChain Conducted a Multisig Bitcoin Transaction via …

SpaceChain conducts multi-signature bitcoin transaction through space station

SpaceChain today announced a successful transaction bitcoin with multisignature of space. So way researchers sent 0.01 BTC worth $ 90 on the moment of the transaction on June 27, which were split into two addresses.

To achieve this goal, startup employees took advantage of specialized equipment located on the international space station. This made it possible to transmit encrypted data through the ground station to the ISS..

A multisignature transaction, unlike a regular one, requires multiple signatures for authorization that carries additional benefits in the context of security. “Implementation transactions multi-signature in space reflects our continued efforts to create an open networks satellites on blockchain with increased safety and immutability characteristics “, – reported Co-founder and CTO of SpaceChain Jeff Garzik.

SpaceChain Conducted a Multisig Bitcoin Transaction via ...

The project is supported by the European Space Agency and intends in the future create products for digital banks and fintech-companies.

it achievement gives impetus to the use of space systems and services in commercial market. We are pleased to continue to integrate our innovative technologies to to help SpaceChain reach their targets in space and per him limits “, – stated CEO of the microsatellite company GomSpace participating in the project Nils Buus.

Previously, SpaceChain launched in space node blockchain Qtum.