Spotify May Consider Adding Cryptocurrency SupportLargest …

Spotify May Consider Adding Cryptocurrency Support

Largest Spotify Audio Streaming Service can to consider for yourself an opportunity adding support for cryptocurrency payments. About this evidenced by a job posted by Spotify on

Spotify is looking for a deputy director by payment strategy and innovation, which will “drive further consideration of new opportunities and innovations in the evolving ecosystem of distributed ledger technology, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and other digital assets.”.

The deputy director must have “a wealth of experience in developing strategies and decisions using blockchain and digital assets“. Besides addition, he will be be responsible for the day-to-day interactions of the service with the Libra Association, recently renamed Diem. Spotify has joined the Libra Association as one of first in June 2019 of the year. Your decision company then explained desire to accept participation in creating “Global currency and financial infrastructure, which will expand opportunities billion people “.

Spotify May Consider Adding Cryptocurrency SupportLargest ...

It is possible that adding to the team new employee linked to Spotify’s plans to support Diem after launch. The stablecoin is expected to be introduced in early 2021 year, but is he will be based on one currency, differing from Togo, what Facebook originally intended.

However, Spotify plans may not be limited to one only Diem. PayPal, for example, already will allow soon clients on his platform pay off 28 million sellers cooperating with it with the help bitcoin and other supported cryptocurrencies.