Stablecoin Tether Launched On The OMG Network Second Level Issuer …

Stablecoin Tether Launched On The OMG Network

The issuer of the popular stablecoin Tether continues to expand the list supported by networks. Today the company announced on the launch of USDT based on non-custodial solutions on scaling the second level OMG Network.

how notes Tether, USDT holders will be able to take advantage of advantages networks OMG Network, created to reduce the load on the main blockchain Ethereum. Thanks to this shrink time confirmation of transactions and commissions without compromising security.

“Tether strives to innovate in your service for improving customer support, – stated Technical Director company Paolo Ardoino. – Transferring transactions USDT at OMG Network, we can reduce costs, increase productivity and cut load on the root chain. This is good for both Bitfinex and our clients, so for the whole the Ethereum ecosystem “.

Stablecoin Tether Launched On The OMG Network Level 2 Issuer ...

Support for USDT transfers via OMG Network also will be added on stock exchange cryptocurrencies Bitfinex. Ardoino expects thanks to this traders will be able to respond faster to emerging opportunities for conclusions transactions, in particular in the implementation of arbitration between exchanges to extract benefits of difference in rates.

According to the information on the Tether website, the volume of USDT emission is now approaching to $ 13 billion, of which 7.5 billion tokens based on blockchain Ethereum. Before recently Tether was the main consumer of gas in the Ethereum network, until it yielded first place to the decentralized exchange Uniswap.