Telecom giant Verizon will use Ethereum-based solution …

Telecom giant Verizon will use Ethereum-based solution ...

Telecom giant Verizon to leverage Ethereum solution for transparency

American telecommunications company Verizon Reveals Information On Creating A Proof Of Concept Tool By securing transparency using blockchain. Product wears the name “Full Transparency” and includes “records of changes in news publications verified on the blockchain”.

“The initiative seeks to transform the way corporate department Verizon news by providing deserving trust records of changes in public channels “, – writes company.

Initiative is an part more Verizon’s ambitious Citizen Verizon “Responsible Business Plan” that seeks to leverage technological advances for “Improving communities, education and workforce”.

The project is being developed in collaboration with AdLedger, Huge and MadNetwork. The last provided infrastructure representing myself decision second level based on blockchain Ethereum.

“As a technology company that literally connects people to information, we are thrilled to bring Full Transparency to market – a product that can deliver corporate accountability and trust. reported Verizon Communications Director Jim Jeras. – We invite organization in all the world, which value transparency so the same, like us, to support the distribution of blockchain communication practices “.

Hereinafter Full Transparency will be used to cryptographically commit changes to Verizon news releases. It is assumed that thanks to this readers will be know for sure, what information the company intended to publish initially.