Telegram has withdrawn the offer to return 110% invested in TON …

Telegram withdraws offer to return 110% of funds invested in TON for Americans

Sentence, according to which investors the Telegram blockchain will be able to count on a return of 110% of the invested funds, if agree to stay in the project yet for a year, not valid for US residents. About it writes CoinDesk with a link to the letter from the Telegram team.

These investors have only alone possibility: get 72% funds, without waiting for the further development of the situation around the project. Commitment to pay 72%, the company took over last year, when it became known, what it will not be able to launch TON on time due to claims of the Securities Commission and exchanges USA (SEC), having agreed with investors a delay until April 30, 2020.

When this the company reminds that for other investors her the offer remains valid. New deadline was set for April 2021 of the year. This part of the agreement, but, has also undergone changes: Telegram no longer allows payment of funds in its own tokens his blockchain or some other cryptocurrency.

“We accepted uneasy decision do not use the option related to Gram or other cryptocurrency from-per indefinite perception of this the issue by the regulatory authorities ”, – writes company.

Telegram has withdrawn the offer to return 110% invested in TON ...

Investors need to answer this Tuesday, are whether they are in the USA or for their limits, and to the next monday transfer to company signed documents, related to a new agreement.

At the end of March, the court upheld the position SEC, imposing temporary ban on distribution tokens Gram, in Tom number outside the United States.