The Bitcoin Cash blockchain can set a 12.5% ​​”tax” on mining …

Bitcoin Cash blockchain may impose 12.5% ​​”tax” on mining for ecosystem development

Jiang Zhuer, CEO of the largest mining pool in the Bitcoin Cash system BTC.TOP, made a proposal to transfer 12.5% ​​of block mining rewards to the development fund cryptocurrencies.

The fund is registered in quality hong kong company, which will be entrusted task collection and distribution funds. It is assumed that new the rule could be set alongside the next Bitcoin Cash protocol update in May. The fund will receive about 112.5 BCH per day and for everything time his existence for six months will collect approximately 20 588 BCH, which at the current exchange rate is over $ 7 million.

The proposal has received support from other large mining pools Bitcoin Cash, in Tom including Antpool,, ViaBTC and On their share together with BTC.TOP, more a third of the computing power of cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin Cash blockchain can set a 12.5% ​​'tax' for mining ...

Zhuer admits, what him sentence can cause controversy, and some community members openly oppose it. Topics not less, from miners do not intend to give up their plan and are ready to go to decisive actions if necessary.

“To ensure participation Total pool of computing power, miners will not include blocks in the main chain that are not will be to follow this rule. So we can to avoid tragedies communities“, – adds Zhuer.

Popular Twitter commentator Whale Panda writes: “it That’s just funny. Literally centralized totalitarian attack threat mode 51% “.

Previously BTC.TOP and already attacked 51% on blockchain Bitcoin Cash to revert history transactions after hard fork when due to errors in the update, one miner was able to collect the cryptocurrency that was not due to him.