The community has adopted a new Dutch crypto wallet …

The community mistook the dutch bank’s new cryptocurrency wallet for a scam

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts share on Twitter a link to a service called Rabobit, promising combine banking and cryptocurrency industries. From competing decisions Rabobit is different themes, that a large Dutch bank Rabobank is behind its creation.

The community has adopted a new Dutch crypto wallet ...

It should be noted right away that Rabobit is only alone of many initiatives developed by the lending institution. Presumably about Tom, which projects will still be admitted beyond the planning stage, Rabobank will announce this summer. Initiative is an part of the Rabobank Moonshot program designed for development of innovations in the financial and technological sector.

IN the present time available information about the new cryptocurrency service is limited. Basically, Rabobank just set up a website to check, will be whether potential clients show interest in him.

The page contains the “Get started” button, by clicking on which you can call a window in which you are asked to enter data for further information. Until this all functionality, which ready to offer Rabobit.

The dubious interface of the page and statements about the connection with Rabobank did not leave the skeptics indifferent, who saw another fraudulent scheme in the new service. To dispel their doubts, through official channels on social networks Rabobank has confirmed that the site is valid belongs him, but him the only thing appointment – “look, will be whether interest “.

The community has adopted a new Dutch crypto wallet ...

“Rabobit yet not launched“, – writes bank representative. “How only we will have additional information, we’ll let you know “.