The creators of the Bitcoin Cash ABC fork fled to a new chain after …

Bitcoin Cash ABC Fork Fled to New Chain After 51% Attack

Online cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Cash ABC, the breakaway from Bitcoin Cash November 15th as a result of a hard fork, a new fork occurs. About this reported Nikita Zhavoronkov, lead developer of Blockchair blockchain observer.

On the weekend it became known, that an unknown miner attacked network Bitcoin Cash ABC. He, like other Bitcoin Cash advocates, does not supports the idea of ​​establishing a tax on awards at 8%. To denote his position, he soft forked the chain, changing the fee from 8% before 100%. With a dominant amount of computing power, is he refuses to accept miner blocks, which do not follow him rules.

As noted by Zhavoronkov, the Bitcoin Cash ABC developers have released an urgent software update to invalidate the mentioned miner’s chain. As a result, the browser blockchain now displays a different chain. but Blockchair, ViaWallet, others exchanges and users stayed in the old chain.

Thus, there are now two chains: Bitcoin Cash ABC 1 and Bitcoin Cash ABC 2. Zhavoronkov expects that the miner can come in new chain, after which the developers do not will be stay nothing else, Besides as to create Bitcoin Cash ABC 3, and so on ad infinitum. When this The “official” chain of Bitcoin Cash ABC already lagged behind the miner chain on more than 100 blocks. Zhavoronkov also declares, what users begin to wonder how they can safely get the coins of the new chain.

The creators of the Bitcoin Cash ABC fork fled to a new chain after ...

The miner himself writes, that “I’m ready to agree to a peaceful settlement after 9 months civil wars“. He puts forward the following requirements: developers should abandon the use of the sha256d algorithm, the words “Bitcoin” in the name of the coin and the sequence of letters “bch” in the ticker.