The judge invalidated the decision to recover from Craig …

The judge invalidated the decision to recover from Craig Wright half a million bitcoins

Judge Bruce Reinhart last August of the year handed down decision in the proceedings of Craig Wright with his family him former business partner Dave Kleiman about Tom, that Wright should give the plaintiff half of the 1.1 million BTC, which were allegedly obtained by him together with Kleiman in the early years of its existence cryptocurrencies. According to documents issued on January 10 in Florida District Court by Judge Beth Bloom, superimposed Reinhart sanctions should be considered invalid. About this writes Cointelegraph.

The judge invalidated the decision to recover from Craig ...

Bloom states that the imputed facts (Wright and Kleiman were equal partners) are not directly related to those controlled by Wright assets in bitcoin. Besides Togo, even if If the court accepted the imputed facts, the order of the previous judge would have no effect, since it is not known for certain how many Bitcoins belong to Wright.

IN then the same time, Judge Bloom notes that Wright did not accepted due measures for fulfill the order of the court to provide the requested information and must compensate the costs of the Kleimans for lawyers. In November they are submitted an application in which for their costs requested $ 658 000. Wright spoke with reciprocal a statement, calling the number of hours worked by lawyers indicated by the Kleimans and hourly bet “unreasonable”.

From further proceedings to Wright, but, you won’t be able to leave. Bloom ordered that by February 3 is he informed the court about the fate of the “mysterious financially obligated courier”, which the must was come to him yet January 1 and transfer data to gain access to bitcoins. Judge questioned Wright’s assurances, but acknowledged that the court should give him possibility prove oneself right.