The largest miner sent tokens to Binance worth …

Largest miner sent $ 1.4 million tokens to Binance

The largest miner of the DeFi project sent 100 YFI tokens to stock exchange Binance, thereby forcing participants market ponder about their further destiny.

YFI has become one of the most notable cryptoassets in this year. In September is he rose to highs about $ 44,000.Since then, the price has been adjusted to the current $ 14,000, but with a capitalization of $ 415 million YFI everything still one of the largest tokens from the field of decentralized finance.

The cost sent miner on Binance YFI is $ 1.4 million, what does this transaction rather mediocre against the background of other movements cryptocurrencies, daily recorded by the Whale Alert service. Topics however, the YFI emission limit is 30 000 tokens and their low availability in the market due to concentration in other “farm” projects creates conditions where 100 YFI can potentially be enough to have a tangible impact on the market.

In the past, this miner already made similar transfers to Binance from other linked addresses. The probability remains Togo, that tokens are not transferred for sales, and by exchange request to provide activity on market making to users could enter and exit positions with minimal slippage.

One of analysts, topics time, states that YFI needs to pass a key level resistance $ 15 300, after what him growth can speed up.

The largest miner sent tokens to Binance worth ...

Earlier it became known that the Polychain Capital fund formed a position in YFI for $ 5 million.