The number of unconfirmed bitcoin transactions exceeded 100,000 …

The number of unconfirmed bitcoin transactions exceeded 100,000 for the first time since the end of 2017

Number of untreated transactions in mempool bitcoin not It was so high with time the rise of the cryptocurrency rate to historical highs at the end of 2017, according to the data of several observers. According to, the figure is now around 119 000. When this number daily added in blockchain transactions even slightly decreased since the beginning of the month.

At the same time, the hash rate fell below 100 EH / s, for the first time since June of this of the year. On October 24, the service evaluated him at 151 EH / s. The fall from the maximum was more 40%.

The consequence of these factors was an increase in the average size of commissions, which, according to BitInfoCharts, now at $ 11.67, also the largest since early 2018 of the year. Average block time today is 13 and a half minutes with a target of 10 minutes.

Analysts suggest that the decrease in hashrate is due to the end of the rainy season in the popular regions of China and the movement equipment to others points countries.

“We monitor the hash rate. For many mining farms in Sichuan water season ended the 25th of October. About 22 EH / s left network bitcoin, judging by the top 10 pools, ”wrote the manager of Hashr8 Thomas Heller October 26.

Besides Togo, the difficulty of mining bitcoin is now at absolute highs of 20 T. This is the result of a record rise in the hash rate on the previous stage. The combination of these circumstances adversely affects users cryptocurrencies. Corrections of the situation can be expected in four and a half, when the next recalculation of difficulty takes place. Estimated, it shrink 10% or more at condition of keeping low activity miners.

The number of unconfirmed bitcoin transactions exceeded 100,000 ...