The release of a tool for creating deposit …

The release of the tool for creating keys of the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract took place

Developers Ethereum posted the code on GitHub that will help launch a deposit contract for upcoming update. The release was titled “We Have Permission on starting the main engine “.

The release of a tool for creating deposit ...

Ethereum developers themselves do not comment the last action. Loading code was carried out from the account of the Ethereum Foundation researcher Karl Bikhuizen.

Developer David Rugendijk of Rocket Pool suggested: “it a tool for generating keys required to deposit funds to the deposit contract ETH2. Looks like, they are announce, that this tool is ready to run in the main networks“.

Previously, developers warned of risks emergence fake deposit contracts, therefore users do not trust third-party offers that may appear against the background of the latest release, especially in conditions absence official information.

Over the past weeks, there have been conflicting reports about the timing of the launch of the deposit contract. First ConsenSys developer Ben Edgington stated, As for him release remains a little time. Update Coordinator Danny Ryan then announced that have to wait a few more weeks until the audit results come.

Edgington expressed bewilderment in this regard, noting that the library, with which related audit, not related to the deposit contract. On Tuesday is he wrote that until the launch of the contract, already not weeks, but a few hours, later adding, that he used a reference to a meme that may or may not be real.