The share of bitcoins on exchange wallets has reached 10% in the total volume …

The share of bitcoins on exchange wallets reaches 10% in the total volume of emission

Cryptocurrency exchanges in present time keep about 10% of all bitcoins issued to date, according to the data of the analytical service Glassnode. Per the last three years, the number of bitcoins under their control has grown on 700%.

Analyst Charles Edwards notes that while participants market continue to hope for a sharp rise in the rate, “sharply becomes centralized” bitcoin itself.

“Just a few months ago, TokenAnalyst was evaluating share bitcoins on stock exchanges by 6.7%. Glassnode today displays value above 10% “, – writes is he.

One only American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase responsible for storage 5% of all bitcoins. Her share in general volume increased after acquisitions custodian service Xapo in August 2019 of the year.

However, according to indicator centralization of assets, bitcoin is significantly inferior to altcoins, a number of which was created with an eye to solving the indicated problem, but did not succeed in this. According to intotheblock, the system Ethereum 154 addresses control 40% of the issue, in Bitcoin Cash – 105 addresses and 28%, in Litecoin – 128 addresses and 47%, in Bitcoin SV – 104 addresses and 25%, in Cardano – 39 addresses and 40%.

Especially acute question centralization assets worth for cryptocurrencies on the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, where ownership of shares tokens equivalent to the weight of their holder’s vote when adopted decisions and consensus building.

The share of bitcoins on exchange wallets has reached 10% in the total volume ...

Besides Togo, intotheblock says it concentrates 58% of Tether’s supply on 140 addresses. It can be assumed that most of these addresses are also is an exchange, if take into account the active role of stablecoin in cryptocurrency trade.