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Tokyo Financial Exchange to Launch Bitcoin Futures

Following the American platforms CBOE and CME Group about their plans to launch bitcoin futures reported Tokyo financial exchange. About this writes Bloomberg.

Launching new financial products in Japan will be slightly more difficult, than in USA, where the exchanges do not even need a regulatory permit for this.

As explained by the head of the Shozo site Ota, the release of bitcoin futures will require changes to Japanese law.

“How only cryptocurrencies will be qualified in quality financial products according to the law on financial instruments and exchanges, we will place futures as soon as possible, ” is he. “For of this we create working group, which will study various aspects, including the current status of bitcoin, him perspectives and form in which it will be accepted Japanese society “.

Tokyo Financial Exchange is not affiliated with the country’s main trading platform Japan Exchange Group. Her the TFX platform is used by investment funds and institutional investors, in Tom including JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Barclays Bank Plc, for trade interest rate, currency and index futures. Per November stock exchange processed 3.5 million contracts.

The creation of a working group is the first stage in the preparation of new legislation in Japan. The government can be expected to give the green light to this initiative as Japan showed myself alone of the most focused on bitcoin jurisdictions. At the beginning of the month license local regulator received yet 4 exchanges cryptocurrencies.

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Tokyo Financial Exchange Launches Bitcoin FuturesNext ...