Ton Weiss: I no longer expect Bitcoin at $ 2,800, the last crash …

Ton Weiss: I no longer expect bitcoin at $ 2,800, the last crash was enough

Crypto analyst Ton Weiss, famous for by their often negative forecasts for the bitcoin rate, no longer waiting for the fall of the leading cryptocurrencies below $ 2 800.

Ton Weiss: I no longer expect Bitcoin at $ 2,800, the last crash ...

During the broadcast at night monday Weiss reported, what collapse market on March 13 corresponds him expectations from final rollback.

“Although in June I thought about opportunities $ 2 800, now I’m like that already I don’t think so. I think the incident in this month brought the price close enough to $ 2,800, so I no longer expect $ 2,800. If I do not expect $ 2,800, it is clear that I am not expecting $ 1 000, $ 1,300 or $ 1,500, “he said.

Weiss supported the opinion of Tom, what temporary suspense trades on exchange BitMEX on March 13 allowed to avoid further cascading liquidation positions and the fall of bitcoin to lower levels. “Many say that if BitMEX hadn’t gone offline, we could have hit $ 2,800 or even more low levels. It is likely that if BitMEX hadn’t shut down, the fall could have accelerated. Now I assume that the minimum found. I believe that with a very high probability the minimum has been found. I don’t expect to drop below $ 2,800. can happen but I of this not waiting. TO present at the moment it should already It was happen “- added is he.

The analyst suggests that the upcoming halving will play an important role in support bitcoin prices: “Of course I don’t expect $ 2,800 after halving, and before halving there is Total 2 months. It’s the end of March now. Halving will take place in mid-May. If the [collapse] is to happen, then it must happen now, but I don’t think that is he will happen. I think we will form ascending triangle in the next 3-4 months and eventually we will get out of it “.

Ton Weiss: I no longer expect Bitcoin at $ 2,800, the last crash ...

Weiss also admits that bitcoin will remain correlated with traditional markets, but not will be fall like that the same swiftly. For example, he assumes that when the stock market by 30% bitcoin will lose only 15-20%.