Travis Kling: Selling bitcoins by scammers is the main constraint …

Travis Kling: Selling bitcoins by scammers is the main deterrent in the market

Founder company on digital assets Ikigai Asset Management Travis Kling believes that continuing to thrive on cryptocurrency market all kinds fraudulent schemes are the main driver of price stagnation.

PlusToken. CloudToken. OneCoin. We will probably look back at this period in the history of bitcoin, when the price did not rise despite then, what rollback in the macro context was extremely bullish, and realizing that this came from-per pressure from sellers in face exit scams worth billions dollars, – writes is he. – It’s that simple. “.

Kling also leads justification co-founder of Delphi Digital Jan Lieberman, which the I am sure PlusToken had only a limited impact on the rise in the price of bitcoin in the first half of the year. By him observations, by March 2019 of the year PlusToken had 72 000 BTC. The cumulative scale of the scheme is estimated at approximately 200,000 BTC.

Travis Kling: Selling bitcoins by scammers is the main constraint ...

“So you can you link purchase 128,000 BTC with a rally, – Lieberman writes. – It is highly unlikely that all of these bitcoins were collected by those who initially there were no coins. It was likely a combination of people who already were coins (did not participate in the rise of the market), and those who bought. If suggest that ratio was 50 on 50, volume acquired bitcoins will be reduced to 64,000 BTC. A liquid supply can absorb a hypothetical demand for 64,000 BTC within three months “.

Other commentators, themes time, note that members of PlusToken and similar pyramids initially bought bitcoins for investments in dubious enterprises, and rely on normalization no situation in the foreseeable future.