Trump ordered to impose sanctions on the “oil” cryptocurrency …

Trump ordered to impose sanctions on Venezuela’s “oil” cryptocurrency

US President Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Imposing New Sanctions on Venezuela due to its controversial petro cryptocurrency.

how reports edition McClatchy DC, formerly US president warned he was preparing subscribe order, imposing to a South American country new sanctions for its attempts to circumvent already existing economic restrictions. On Monday, the White House announced that Trump had signed an executive order blocking any transactions using “petro”.

Trump ordered to impose sanctions on the 'oil' cryptocurrency ...

After the release of “petro” in February, of the year American officials immediately the same stated that Venezuela is going to use its cryptocurrency for circumvention of international sanctions.

So way, last the Trump administration’s move did not come as a surprise. Previously Senators Bob Menendez, Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson sent letters to Treasury USA, in which asked question, how is the department going to protect American investors and prevent Venezuela from attracting additional funds.

The US Treasury Department has not yet responded to these inquiries, but has warned that Americans who bought Venezuelan tokens, also may fall under sanctions. Menendez’s staff later confirmed that is he continues to try to get an answer from ministries of finance.

Trump ordered to impose sanctions on the 'oil' cryptocurrency ...

“Oil” cryptocurrency Venezuela was also criticized by its own citizens. For example, the local parliament called it “illegal” and unconstitutional.

And although Maduro claims that he already managed to attract during the presale “petro” 5 billion dollars, no evidence to support their words is he before have not provided yet.