Warren Buffett: Bitcoin is a gambling deviceOne …

Warren Buffett: Bitcoin is a gambling device

One of most famous investors the world again returned to criticism of bitcoin, after Togo as picked up new characteristics for the childbirth him financial instrument intolerance.

“This is a gambling device … There is a lot of fraud associated with it. There are known cases of disappearances, so on it It was a lot of money lost. Bitcoin produces nothing “, – stated Warren Buffett in front of a group of reporters ahead of the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting in Omaha.

“He does not do anything. is he just dwells where he is. This is something like a sea shell and, from my point of view, not an investment “, – added he, also comparing cryptocurrency with a button on his jacket.

Warren Buffett: Bitcoin is a gambling deviceOne ...

“Here I am tearing off a button. Now I have a small token. I will offer it to you per $ 1 000, then I’ll see if I can whether i raise its price to $ 2,000 by the end of the day. But the button has Total one well-defined region applications “.

At that the same time, he admitted that blockchain technology, unlike that created on her based on bitcoin, has value in the context of practical use.

Blockchain very important, but he didn’t need bitcoin. J.P. Morgan of course, I decided to create his own cryptocurrency, he said this Saturday. – Perhaps we let’s enter in this space not directly, but the role of a major leader on myself try on I will not “.

Previously Buffett repeatedly responded about bitcoin in a critical way. So, in February, he called cryptocurrency, “A clever deception created for attracting various types of fraudsters. ” Most memorable commentary on this about the legendary investor, probably gave in May last of the year, when he called bitcoin “rat poison squared”.