What are airdrops Recently airdrops …

What is an airdrop

IN last thing During the time, airdrops (airdrops) began to be used as an alternative or addition to ICOs. The idea behind the airdrop is simple – users receive a certain amount of installed cryptocurrency or free of charge, or for completing small tasks, such as distributing information in social networks. if you have Ethereum-wallet, check him via etherscan.io – sometimes airdrops are carried out to random wallets without request their owners. The vast majority of airdrops are in the form of ERC20 tokens.

When cryptocurrency developers announce an airdrop, usually users are required to provide details to communicate via Telegram, Twitter, or email. Sometimes in airdrops they can accept address participation, on which already there is a certain amount of designated cryptocurrency, but, usually conditions pretty simple.

Even those airdrops that do not oblige token recipients absolutely nothing to what, may be an effective way to promote new projects. If anyone-then suddenly discovers on his wallet new token or purposefully claim it, probability Togo, what he will be follow the development of the project and tell other users about it, increases.

What are airdrops Recently airdrops ...

Remember that airdrops always are free. If someone asks you to pre-send funds for receiving the coveted tokens – you know, this is a scammer. The last time a wave of such scammers began to annoy users on Twitter. They are offer send a certain amount of cryptocurrencies on the address they provided and promise return several times a large amount. Such actions are arranged solely for the purpose of stealing the funds of the gullible investors, which, naturally, back nothing get.