Xapo custodian and Indodax exchange sued for possession of stolen …

Xapo custodian and Indodax exchange sued for storing stolen bitcoins

Xapo Crypto Custodian Service and Indodax Exchange Sued per storing bitcoins transferred to their wallets after theft from a trader, writes CoinDesk.

The initiator of the proceedings is an a resident of Germany Denis Novak, who claims that 500 were stolen from him bitcoins. Of this amounts of 19.99 BTC ended up in Xapo wallets, and 479.69 BTC – on Indodax. Which one exchanges assets were stolen, the claim does not say, but noted that it located in Northern California.

November 20, 2018 of the year or about on this date, the plaintiff deposited 500 bitcoins on your an account on the American exchange with three separate deposits of 200 BTC, 200 BTC and 100 BTC respectively“, – the claim says.

Xapo and Indodax are accused of complicity by keeping stolen property. By words plaintiff, they are knew that their identification measures clients and anti-money laundering was insufficient, and “willfully or not” allowed conducting criminal activity on their platforms.

The plaintiff also states that his assets quite explicit way ended up in Xapo and Indodax wallets. The investigation was attracted analytical firm Kroll, which did not find “obvious attempts»Hide moving funds.

The lawyer declined to comment on the case, only noting, that he specializes in hacking by swapping SIM cards. Novak asks to collect in him benefit the entire amount of damage and additional compensation. According to the claim, at the time of the theft, the value of the assets was $ 2.3 million.

“Xapo and Indodax knew or should have known that these assets were stolen from the plaintiff and kept by them. Topics however, Xapo and Indodax did not take any action to return these stolen assets to the plaintiff, “the document says..

Xapo custodian and Indodax exchange sued for possession of stolen ...